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In the latest “Ear to the Streets,” The Source talks with London DJ and Afrobeats star Afro B about how his city is a melting pot of influence that spills over into the music and has added to the global spread of Afrobeats.

In the discussion, Afro B details how he blends everything that influences him into once fusions of sound. His talent came from the church and expanded to clubs and more.


He also details how he likes to educate his fan base while attracting new fans, a tactic that has proven successful. The work of Afro B has brought him to have a massive Afro beats following in America, while he is furthering the genre. Ask Afro B what his music is about and he will be quick to tell you fun.

Learn more about Afro B, how the United Kingdom and America connect in music, his list of top five Hip-Hop artists from across the pond and more in the full “Ear to the Streets” sit down above.