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Roxanne Shante knows the glory of being a product of New York City. In a preview of an exclusive interview that is set to drop on March 19, the Hip-Hop icon reflects on what it was like to grow up in the New York City housing projects while detailing the environment of Queensbridge as cultural heaven.

“My generation as one of the most incredible generations to come out of the projects. We have judges, we have lawyers, we have doctors,” she said.


Cherishing the moments that New York City has given her, Roxanne Shante does not envy the generation of today, instead, she realizes what made hers so special and not easy to replicate.

“If you are from New Yorker and you really from New York City you don’t live in your house. You live in New York City, you sleep in your house.”

Check the preview above and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Source on March 19 to watch the full sit down.