For a brand like Vans that’s been around for over 50 years, you can expect more than a handful of changes to happen within the company. From discontinued styles to a sea of new innovations, there’s a lot that can switch up if given the room to grow. Vans is now looking back at five decades of growth by decking out a new pair of Slip-Ons in a handful of logo designs that we’ve seen over the years.

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This eclectic iteration is built around a massive set of branding variations, showing us with each one how Vans has extended across cultures in BMX, skateboarding, music and even racing via the signature checkerboard print. Even with its various colors, shapes and seriously retro fonts, each design seems to warp into one another to create something all the more eye-grabbing. As the silhouette itself is an all-white canvas, the art pops out in a way that really proves that Vans has been around the block a few times and is geared up for a few more rounds. We’re definitely along for the ride!

If you can’t wait for this all-over logo print Vans Slip-On to drop here in the States, pick it up right now at select retailers overseas like Billy’s. Check out the Tokyo-based brand’s product shots of the shoe below:

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