LeBron James is focused on his summer plans, which include filming Space Jam 2, however, he has not forgotten about Laker Nation and is getting a full-length basketball court built on the set of the film.

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Space Jam 2 will be the first film that will have King James as the lead actor and he is making sure that he keeps his performance up during the filming of his movie and not missing his workouts.

LeBron has seen this early offseason as a challenge, different the norm as he has an additional two months to train and be prepared for the next campaign stating to The Athletic “I like being counted out. It motivates me.”


Keeping the comparisons with the GOAT rolling, Michael Jordan also had his own court on the original Space Jam set. ESPN details the set received visitors like Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, Reggie Miller, Dennis Rodman and more would show up. The Miller game was particularly intriguing as it was described as “a clear-out-and-let-em-go-at-it game” that was full of trash talk. Overall the set was described as an offseason All-Star game.

The LeBron court could bring a host of friends ranging from Chris Paul to Dwayne Wade. It could double as the new offseason home for Carmelo Anthony and possibly bring in Kevin Durant for that “clear out” game.

Space Jam 2 hits theaters in 2021.