Over the past couple of days, Angelique Smith, the mother of the now late community activist, entrepreneur, health advocate, and rapper Nipsey Hussle born Ermias Joseph Asghedom has publicly risen to a behooving emblem of power in light of her son’s fate. The “Hussle and Motivate” artist’s memorial took place on Thursday at the jam-packed 21,000 seated Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Standing alongside his father, Dawit Asghedom, Smith delivered a spiritually and culturally inclined speech that placed the masses into a riveting soul clenching standstill.

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“I know that we are all divine creatures,” she started. “We are all divinity within. We don’t need to look to the sky for a god. God is within. I have perfect peace. I am happy. I’m complete. I am strong. And if I can feel this way, so can you,” she began.

“We come from royalty and regality,” she continued. “We are very loving and kind and spiritual race of people. I want to tell you that we are very traumatized and we are very pressurized people. I want to tell you that.”


After calling Hussle’s father to stand beside her, she went on to abide by the African traditional method of calling out the names of deceased family members, best slated as ancestors, to welcome them into the ceremony in aid of Hussle’s travel to this next plane of existence.

“We call on the energies who guide and protect us as we make our way in life. We call on our ancestors to join us at this service,” she said, before the calling. “I would ask that all of our ancestors guide and protect us.”

With the knowledge that many may be unfamiliar with this pure and traditional method, Mother Hussle provided the grieving audience with clarity. “I hope that you get the understanding that we’re calling those ancestors into the service,” she said. “We are also asking for Ermias to have safe transit to his final resting place and so, when he reaches his resting place, we are also asking for these ancestors to greet him.”

Smith went on the speak about the epoch of Nipsey’s birth as she shared the sacred fact that he was conceived on her birthday and she had a full-term pregnancy, as the beloved creative was born exactly 9 months after his conception, her estimated due date-an ultimate divine alignment.

Movingly, Smith continued her dynamic speech by encouraging the masses to abide by a healthy way of life through diet and activity while highlighting the congenial nature of the Black race.

“I want to encourage you to choose a vegan lifestyle,” she said. “I want to encourage you to limit your use of alcohol beverages and narcotic substances. I want to tell you that we come from royalty and regality. I want to tell you that we are very loving and kind, spiritual race of people. I want to tell you that we are very traumatized and we are very pressurized people.”

Amid the speech, Smith revealed she is currently a member of the KRST Unity Center of AfRaKan Spiritual Science in Los Angeles, a collective in practice of Ancient Kemetic spirituality with a foundation on the principles of MA’AT. She also shared a suggestion her beloved late son bestowed onto her which is the opening of a salad restaurant due to his account of her grand salad recipes.

Watch a moment of Angelique Smith’s speech about her son, Nipsey Hussle, below.