Easily recognized as one of the most unique MCs in the world, born Dennis Coles, Ghostface Killah has a legacy of inborn talent that is stationed in the rap element. His steep pitched voice riding the waves of RZA beats in the ’90s groomed him as a key element in the Wu-Tang Clan sound. When his solo prime time arrived, through several successful projects, Ghost went beyond the simple maintenance of the Wu-Tang sound and expanded the iconic group’s appeal. As we celebrate the “Cherchez LaGhost” MC’s birthday today (May 9), let’s take a look at four things that make Ghostface Killah’s legacy.

His Rhymes Are One of A Kind

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Being a master storyteller is not an act for Ghostface, it is his reality. While sustaining his especial microphone appeal, he manages to produce vivid imagery through sound and draws up a picture that goes unmissed, every time. Only to bring soulful fast-paced bravado raps on board to tell each tale. With lines like “I slap-box with Jesus, lick shots at Joseph,” the Ironman rapper’s lyrical measure is rooted in his own wisdom.

He Is A Staten Island OG

When it comes to Staten Island and Hip-Hop, most people will automatically tie the New York City borough to the Wu-Tang Clan. A majority of Wu members are from a Staten Island neighborhood called Park Hill. However, Ghostface is from the Hill’s rival hood, Stapleton. Interestingly, the two neighborhood’s share the same zip code, 10304. To this present date, Ghostface Killah is the only famed act to reach legendary status from Stapleton. His widespread success is recognized as being effective towards Staten Island’s visibility granting Ghostface everlasting respect.

He Is Consistent

It’s not just the bare fact that Ghostface has 13 solo gems accompanied by Wu-Tang’s grand discography and an array of classic features. Over the course of nearly thirty years, Tony Starks has participated and released melodies on approximately an annual basis. Each project manages to showcase another angle of Ghostface’s creative acumen and imagination. Projects such as Sour Soul with BadBadNotGood, Twelve Reasons to Die with Adrian Younge, and of course, his star appearance on Wu brother Raekwon’s solo debut Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…

He Is a Lover of Funk and Soul

It is no secret that classic funk and soul music ruled the persona of the Hip-Hop sound. An obvious child of the era, the tunes of Ghostface Killah are frequently heralded for their soulful fusions and funky leaks. From James Brown to Otis Redding to The Jackson 5, you will hear the echos of class acts throughout the melodies of the Supreme Clientele maker.

As of 2019, Ghost is still an in-demand legendary MC for core Hip-Hop heads, at home and abroad. With the legacy the Wu-Tang Clan reaching a level of certified immortal remembrance through top network documentaries, mini-series, and most recently, a street district in Staten Island, there is no denying the measure of Ghostface Killah’s influence. He has maintained his invincible status in Hip-Hop history as being one of the culture’s most distinct acts to date. An act that can not be duplicated.