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Regardless of how you feel about Kim Kardashian, you must admit that she’s using her influence to do commendable prison reform work.

Recent reports suggested that the reality star quietly helped free over a dozen inmates who were serving sentences for non-violent low drug offenses. Kim recently paid a visit to one of the inmates with her husband Kanye West and offered to help him get his face tattoo removed.

Azaria Algarin’s twin brother, Paul, was recently released from prison in North Carolina after serving seven years. He wrote the beauty mogul a letter after hearing about what she has done for other inmates.

After Monday’s Met Gala, the couple flew to Charlotte to meet with Paul, Azaria and their mom. Kim Kardashian also brought along a doctor to discuss tattoo removal surgery.


“Never in a million years did I think Kim would write him back (or even read his letter), fly in right after the met gala (not to mention her 4th baby is due at any minute), invest in our family & laugh / relate to us over the smallest things,” Azaria wrote on Instagram.

Azaria told TMZ that the family went to lunch with the couple at The Lights Juicery & Cafe before heading to MedSpa for the first laser session in Paul’s tattoo removal procedure.