Tyra Myricks, a celebrity designer and wardrobe stylist, who also happens to be the daughter of the late Jam Master Jay, is doing BIG things. In 2009, she launched her clothing line WEALTH and has gained a massive amount of supporters that love her brand. Last week, Tyra launched her very first ladies Spring/Summer collection.  The collection includes her Sony Bikini, Marathon Plaid Joggers, Plautus Neon Hoody, Blanca Bodysuit, her famous Lil’ Saint Tee, her Mike Jones Tee as well as some of her previous popular designs.

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Tyra Myricks grew up in Brooklyn, NY as the only daughter of late Hip Hop legend DJ Jam Master Jay of the iconic Run-D.M.C. Tyra was only 9 years old when her father was killed in his Queens recording studio and she knew immediately that she had to honor her father’s legacy and keep it alive. Instead of following her fathers footsteps in music, she adopted the love of fashion.

Graduating high school at the young age of 16, Tyra went to college and dived in the fashion world. At 21 years old WEALTH was created. In just three years of business, WEALTH grossed over $2.3 million in sales. Tyra used ten percent of those sales to give back to several charities of her choice to give back to he less unfortunate. In 2017, Tyra became the Director Of Design and Merchandising & Development for American Rapper Drake’s OVO lifestyle brand, making her responsible for designing clothing for all seven OVO stores in three countries as well as tour merchandise for Drake and other artists  signed to the label.


CB: So, you said that one of your one of the lines you liked was Babe growing up what is one of your earliest memories of fashion. Like what piece can you remember at the earliest that was something that you fell in love with?

TM: Oh man, I that is a hard question. I would probably say just the simplicity of the Supreme logo. Just to show how something so simple can have people go “APE”, it was crazy to me. It showed with good marketing and knowing your target audience you can make a lot of money off something so simple. That drove me to create simple yet clean cut designs and hopefully sell out on them as well.

TheSource.com: So, I also saw that you classify yourself having an edgy tomboy style.

TM: Correct

TheSource.com: How did you come up with that?

TM: I don’t know, that’s just how I always felt comfortable. I have four brothers; I am the only girl so that’s what I was always around. I’m just more comfortable wearing hoodies and stuff like that.

TheSource.com:  Right, so you didn’t feel like you had to fit in? Its unusual. Most girls are trying to wear the heels and dresses. You never felt like you had to dress like anyone else, basically.

TM: No, I never felt that way. Even when I go to clubs, when I realized the magnitude of the friends that I have and who I was and how I was able to go to 1 OAK in pajamas, after that I said forget it, I’m just going to be me 24/7 and just make it fly.

TheSource.com: So, if you had to pick one celebrity that has the best style, who would it be?

TM: Right now, I would say Rihanna, her style is nuts. Anything that she puts on, even when you see it on runway, she makes it her own. Even when she is dropping things off the shoulder. She has an authentic style herself. I feel right now she is most definitely killing the fashion game.

TheSource.com: I agree so how did you come up with WEALTH, tell me more about that.

TM:  I came up with to begin a redirection of my original brand. It was called “Flight”. People were getting it confused with “Flight Club” & Michael Jordan’s flight. So, I chose to pick something that was one word and embodied everything that I stand for. Wealth not meaning monetary value, just giving people that thought process or that conversation piece to provoke thoughts on what you’re wearing. People ask me what’s the back story behind it? The way I portray “WEALTH” is simply being happy. It has nothing to do with monetary value, it’s wearing it every day we truly can adapt those qualities (Being Happy) and make it your own.

TheSource.com: Nice! What would you like to see wealth doing say five years from now, where would where would you like to take it?

TM: I’d like to take I international. We’ve been blessed to just you know, be doing pop-up shops and you making money and you know celebrities wearing the brand; however, I want to make it international. It was nothing like when I got my first international order overseas from someone I didn’t know. I was like wow this thing is taking off worldwide and I can expand to those markets that are outside of the US. So that’s what I want to do. I want to go to another country and see other people wearing my stuff. That would be nuts to me! I want to make sure that my brand is global, not just a US brand. We want to break fashion barriers all over the world.

All photos by Photographer: Tyree Frankie Trice (@callme.frankie)

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