Many people who have witnessed the evolution of music, will all agree on the unseen impact Michael Jackson had. Shifting and tier setting, what this young man from Gary, Indiana had to offer the world transformed the attraction of an art form. Properly heralded all over the globe as the King of Popular Music, ten years after his heartbreaking death, the legacy of Michael Jackson remains as stellar as ever.

There is no denying Michael’s extensive grab of achievements which include over 200 awards with 13 Grammy Awards, 26 American Music Awards, 86 Billboard Awards, milestone hitting album, historic performances in the likes of Motown 25 and many more. Another thing that can’t be ignored is the fact that Michael Jackson is a Black man in America of the 21st century. His verbose dominance created a new plateau bringing a positive tinkle of pride in light of Blacks in America.

Of course, there is no limitation to those who witnesses of his legacy. The people of the lands of the mother of all civilization, the continent of Africa have a fierce appreciation for the Thriller icon. The record-breaking success of Thriller caused Michael to become the first Black artist to appear on MTV, ultimately setting the tone for his legendary aura. Alongside hip-hop’s humble Golden Era, in the mix of Black and Latino households, Michael Jackson was recognized as an emblem of proliferation.


With his four brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon and thanks to Motown Records, Michael Jackson became recognized as the first Black conventional star during one of the most rubric eras for Blacks in America, the post-civil rights era. The fluffy and rich afros of The Jackson 5 sent mesmerizing waves throughout the world of music, solidifying the vigor or Black musicians. And, the youthful element that Michael and his brothers possessed was a pure unraveling on the outlook of the young Black boy in America. Hence, the birth of the young black boy superstar aesthetic as showcased through acts such as New Edition and Chris Brown.

The Jackson 5 performs on The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour August 25, 1972.

As of 2019, there have been several attempts to disassociate Michael Jackson’s craft with the Black community. Not only that but there have been massively scaled attempts to tarnish his legacy as the undisputed King of Pop. Especially in recent times with the uproar of HBO’s Leaving Neverland, Michael Jackson was reintroduced to the millennial age. Thanks to the habit of fact-checking and his internationally sound and dedicated fan base, the result failed to taint Jackson’s mighty support system. Overall, Michael Jackson’s prominence among the arts of African Americans is rooted in identity and moreover, it is reflective of the potential of a people.