Nipsey Hussle’s assassination was one of the most tragic moments in Hip Hop history.

Three months after he was gunned down in front of his retail store, The Marathon, his family and fans continue to mourn his loss and seek answers.

The key witness in the case is the woman who was driving Eric Holder. The unnamed witness, identified as Witness 1 in court documents, says she was excited to meet the slain rapper but things ultimately turned sour after Hussle allegedly called Holder a snitch and asked him to leave.


Prosecutors are taking her word and safety very seriously, as she expressed that she fears for her life. TMZ reports that the woman had multiple death threats made against her.

Both authorities and the woman fear that she would be a victim of a retaliation attack since her license plate and description was floating around social media moments after Nipsey Hussle’s fatal shooting. She has officially been offered police protection.

The woman has not been charged with a crime for her connection in the murder.