Kevin Gates is returning to Hip-Hop as a different man. The Louisiana rapper has announced a new album, I’m Him, and previews the work with his new single “Push It.”

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In the video for the single, Gates talks about getting his mind right and his growth as a person. “My biggest problem in life was overcoming myself. But once I defeated myself, the only thing left was peace,” Gates shared.

In a statement to Billboard, Gates discussed the making of “Push It:”


“Sometimes, your biggest obstacle is you. A warrior’s greatest gold is truth. In the Muhammed Ali way, I’m going to show you how great I am. The idea for the video is me fighting the Old Kevin and becoming the New Kevin. I’m making the transition from a fucked-up guy with a good heart and great character traits, into a man with a great heart and no fucked-up character traits. It’s opening the process for the world to see. It starts with ‘Push It.’”