Don Cheadle reportedly joined the cast of Space Jam 2.

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Deadline reports the veteran actor will be involved in LeBron James’ sequel to the NBA and Looney Tunes classic. His role in the reboot is still under wraps.

Don Cheadle has been booked and busy. His Showtime series, Black Monday, is pretty good. He also made headlines for shading Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.


A lot of the buzz around the Space Jam sequel was about who isn’t going to be in it and why it shouldn’t even happen, but they’re seemingly pushing through.

Stephen A. Smith recently confirmed that he or his takes will not be involved in the movie. “No folks. I was not alluding to Space Jam 2 this morning on @FirstTake. There’s no way anyone in charge would allow @KingJames and I to be on the set together. Too much tension. That would be as bad as us on-camera together talking Ball. Wouldn’t want to make anyone nervous.”