Many of us spend a lot of our money on eating out and car-sharing services. This is also the case for Brooklyn rapper, Desiigner, who hopped on his Instagram live and made a shocking revelation about his monthly expenses.

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The G.O.O.D Music rapper said that he spent $20,000 on Ubers every month and his business manager is urging him to cut out the foolery.

“Big boss, first class. Don’t play, man,” he said. “My business manager telling me that I gotta chill out with the Ubers. I’m spending, like, $20,000, on them shits a month.”


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#desiigner spending them racks on Uber rides

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Desiigner didn’t sound like he had any plans to stop blowing racks on the transportation service anytime soon. Some of his fans that were in his life suggested it’ll be more cost-effective to purchase a car or hire a driver but he told them to stay in their lane while assuring new music is on the way.

He didn’t say when we can expect a project from him, but he’s seemingly bossing up even though it doesn’t appear that he’s a priority to his label.