It’s no secret that Disney’s live-action/CGI remake of The Lion King is a huge success due in part to Beyoncé not only co-starring in the film — she’s the voice of adult Nala — but also releasing a well-received companion album to assist the movie rollout titled The Lion King: The Gift.

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The Afrobeat-inspired compilation LP was spearheaded by “SPIRIT,” the lead single & music video released by Bey, which of course sent her loyal fanbase into a state of utter bliss. However, as innocent as it may seem, a new “Kidz Bop”-esque cover of the song and video is making a wave amongst the Beyhive that isn’t sitting too well within the kingdom.


It all started when Beyoncé’s mom Tina Lawson reposted the clip on her Instagram (seen above), which led to so many wild reactions that she eventually had to turn her comments section off on the post altogether. Of course, this just led to fans jumping on other social media platforms to try and make it all make sense.

Unfortunately, it looks like there’s still a bit of mass confusion:

Of course a few had to get comedic with their responses:

…and one fan even brought up the classic scene from Dreamsgirls, another starring role for King Bey, where the song “Cadillac Car” gets remade by white musicians:

Overall though, while we understand the positive side of what Mrs. Tina was doing by reposting the video, some songs just shouldn’t be touch for a multitude of reasons. Culturally speaking, we’ll go out on a limb and say “SPIRIT” is one of them.

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