Who would’ve thought Nicki Minaj collaborating with the hottest rising female rapper would’ve caused such an uproar? After her Queen Radio episode on Monday afternoon, Trina’s A&R, Reginald Sanders, and artist, Bobby Lytes, blasted the Queen rapper for promoting her Megan Thee Stallion collaboration, “Hot Girl Summer” more than “BAPS.”

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Trina hopped on Instagram live the following day to address the controversy. “My team speaking out…my team got so much to say,” the rapper stated on Live. “Imma take the blame for my team ’cause guess what? Me and my team, we dropped the ball. Bad business is what’s causing all of this havoc to happen. All of this nonsense. All of this drama, this feelings, this personal…everybody got an opinion. That’s what it is. It’s bad business. It has nothing to do with any artist that’s featured on my album.”


Trina made it clear that she’s not going to address it again but she confirmed that she is not beefing with Nicki. She even revealed that the collaboration was done for her for free. “But you’re not gonna disrespect nobody. Another female artist, you’re not gonna disrespect Nicki Minaj or nobody else that’s on my album because these people did this off my face and my favor. They did it because of my relationship with them. I don’t appreciate, I don’t condone, I don’t give the approval for anybody—no man, stay out of girls’ sh*t. Don’t come sideways talking about anything that has to do with women.”

“We ain’t gon’ talk about this no more,” she added. “There is no beef between me and Nicki Minaj. There will be no disrespect for Nicki Minaj or nobody else that’s on my album. I appreciate each and every artist that took the initiative to be apart of this The One album.”