After years of tension, Juicy J and DJ Paul have buried the hatchet and re-joined forces.

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Juice posted a flyer last weekend promoting a Three 6 Mafia reunion tour. “The Return of Three 6 Mafia,” the announcement reads. The post was captioned, “THREE 6 MAFIA REUNION TOUR! Tickets on sale next Friday.”

DJ Paul confirmed the “rumors” with his post. “This year has already been a banner year for new music and production from both of us,” DJ Paul says of himself and Juicy J. “I know this is what the fans have been asking for, so we’re ready to bring them the classics, along with our new music in the best possible way. To quote LL, don’t call it a comeback, we have officially been here for years, and we’ve got a lot to show for it. Just wait to see what comes next…”


Its been 10 years since Juicy J parted with the group to focus on his solo career. Paul tried to start a new group without him called, Da Mafia Six, which put out multiple projects including Hear Sum Evil in 2014.