Richie Carter is going to be a pivotal artist in the industry, mark our words. He’s not new to the scene by any means as he’s been involved in music since he was young. Like many budding artists, he started dabbling into instrumentals and increasingly started to make music a priority in his life. As he kept at it and continued to perfect his craft, everyone surrounding him became more and more supportive.

Over the years, he has really placed an emphasis on his overall aesthetic. His sound in earlier years wasn’t as authentic as it is now, which shows how much growth he has achieved. “Initially, I would rap about what other rappers rapped about. My overall goal was to become a good writer before a good rapper, so that’s what I focused on,” said Carter. In other words, when you write about things of substance, you don’t have to fake emotion. He made sure his truest most raw self was portrayed because that in and of itself is effortless.

As of recent, the artist has been pushing new single, “I’m Sad”, which is from his EP “Too Much Whiskey”. The EP is directly targeted to the generation that’s listening to music right now. “The song definitely comes from a place of sadness, but showcases optimism in a weird way. After my mother passed away in December, I was always working hard in dealing with it. They say to write text messages or send letters to cope with pain, but for me, writing a song helps the most,” said the artist. Talk about being effortlessly raw in art form. The single has resonated with fans at a level he wasn’t prepared for, which of course he is grateful for. He turned his pain into something so beautiful and relatable which is so respectable.

Up next, Richie is excited to push his second EP, “Sappy Hour” which is the B-Side to “Too Much Whiskey”. He places an emphasis on growing his artistry as an indie performer. He continues to only get better with time. In fact, the best music he has written has all been personal. He’s all about empathy, too. The inspiration for “Sappy Hour” is the 6 songs about his fiancée that he reconnected with during his mother’s visitation. “People can expect to find comfort and know they aren’t in something alone. I’m right there with them,” said Richie.