From people to products, nobody likes anything labeled as ‘fake.’ That’s why product authentication services have made a huge surge in the market in recent years, especially when considering the increased rate at which counterfeit items are making their way over to the United States. Just last month, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection stopped an attempted smuggle job at LAX of fake handbags, belts, footwear, watches and electronics amongst other items estimated to be worth a whopping $3.4 million USD in total.

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Enter Entrupy, a new product authentication app that could quite possibly put an end to the fake trend in fashion once and for all.


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We are honored to be one of the 26 out of 1,000 applicants selected to participate in the the @lvmh Accelerator Initiative, La Maison des Startups, now in its third season. The initiative was created to accelerate collaboration between LVMH and innovative startups on development of forward-thinking solutions and services for the company’s portfolio of 75 brands as well as the luxury market overall. . As a participant in the six-month program, Entrupy will have a dedicated workspace in Paris’ Station F, the world's largest startup facility, from which we can liaise to discover business opportunities with LVMH brands, known as “Maisons. We are the only startup in the program focused on product authentication. . “Product counterfeiting is a burgeoning issue, especially for luxury brands, and our solution keeps counterfeits from entering the supply chain. We look forward to working closely with such esteemed brands to continue to combat the counterfeiting issue and spearhead the next generation of innovative technologies.” Entrupy CEO Vidyuth Srinivasan

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Officially backed by the prestigious LVMH for its La Maison des Startups program (seen above) — Entrupy was one of 26 companies chosen from a pool of more than 1,000 applicants — the company boasts a 99.1 percent accuracy rate at being able to spot fake goods, particularly when it comes to handbags. Founded in 2012, Entrupy can verify products from up to 15 luxury brands, of those including Dior, Balenciaga, Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, Hermès and of course Louis Vuitton.

According to WWD, verifying a Chanel bag for example may require up to 500 data points of verification, which Entrupy can decipher in its authentication process when you take & upload pictures of the product. The real gem of it all is the timing that it takes to spot a fake; in just four seconds, the app will tell you whether it’s real, fake or “unidentifiable.” The latter result doesn’t mean your bag is fake exactly, but more or less that an error occurred in the verifying process and may just simply need to be conducted again.

While Entrupy specializes in bags, the company also teases the ability to spoke fake sneakers as well. We’ll keep you updated on that side of the device, but watch it in action below for a better idea of how it all works: