Nick Cannon has one of the longest, fruitful careers in pop culture. He is also a ladies man and has been connected to a number of women in the past.

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The entertainment mogul stopped by T.I.’s expediTIously podcast and spoke about love and admitted that he has no plans on ever jumping the broom again after his marriage to Mariah Carey.

“The reason why we split up, it had nothing to do with infidelity or anything like that,” said Cannon. “But I knew I would never get married again once I stepped away from that. That construct is not designed for me. I gave it my all because, even before that, I didn’t believe in marriage but shit, it was Mariah Carey. Whatever she say, I’m with it! If I’ma marry somebody, I’ma marry her.”


This doesn’t mean that he’s down with polygamous relationships because it’s still a different type of structure. “I got ‘lonesome’ tattooed on my neck, I’m good,” he said.

What are your thoughts on Nick Cannon’s ideology?