A nine-year-old in Illinois has been charged with murder, two counts of arson, and one count of aggravated arson. In connection to a mobile home fire that killed five people earlier this year.

The fire that took place on April 6th in Goodfield, claimed the lives of two adults and three children.  All of the victims perished from smoke inhalation.

According to The Journal Star, Woodford County State’s Attorney Greg Minger said, “It was a heavy decision,” he said. “It’s a tragedy, but at the end of the day, it’s charging a very young person with one of the most serious crimes we have.

“But I just think it needs to be done at this point, for finality.”

Minger said he went through all of the paperwork about the fire serval times before he decided to move forward with charges Minger also said the suspect knew the victims were home when the fire was set.

Earlier, Woodford County Coroner Tim Ruestman ruled the fire was started intentionally. At this time the suspected has not been arrested due to his young age.

If convicted, the suspect could be placed on probation for at least five years but not beyond the age of 21, the state’s attorney said. Therapy, counseling and psychological evaluation would be likely.

Minger also said  the suspected will not be serving time behind bars, “Probation, given the age, is about the only outcome that could happen here.”