Georgetown University student activists caused an uproar after they learned Fabolous was booked to perform at their school’s Hoya Madness event.

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A number of students had an issue with the Brooklyn rapper’s history of domestic violence. He was charged last year after an argument between him and his longtime girlfriend and baby’s mother, Emily B, surfaced on the Internet.

He is seen on video threatening her father and was accused of knocking out her two front teeth during the heated exchange.


“After engaging with students, we have canceled the musical act for 2019 Hoya Madness,” Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Lee Reed wrote in Georgetown’s newspaper The Hoya. “We take domestic violence very seriously and were unaware of the charges against the entertainer when he was booked through a third party entity.”

The students allegedly weren’t aware of his past allegations and did everything in their power to withdraw his invitation.

Fabolous pled guilty to domestic abuse charges back in March and was ordered by a judge to complete mandatory domestic violence prevention workshops that lasted from six to 12 weeks.

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