By: Amira Lawson

Despite DaBaby and his the mother of his children, Meme, not being in a relationship, they are getting ready for baby number three, according to The Shaderoom. Meme did an interview with Kiss Talk and mentioned that she and DaBaby met about five years ago through mutual friends and officially became a couple once she got pregnant.

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“It was real chill. There wasn’t no pressure or nothing. We were just going along with the flow and enjoying each other’s presence,” she says.

The North Carolina rapper shares a two-year-old daughter with Meme and is a father figure to her six-year-old son, Caleb.


“He is actually an amazing father. Not only to our daughter but to my son as well. He has been in his life for a very long time. He’s an amazing father, I can give him that,” Meme states.

Recently, gossipy tidbits spread across the media, about the “Suge” rapper possibly being married once his highschool yearbook surfaced the web.

“Jonathon is intelligent, handsome, and the best at everything he does. After graduation, Jon plans to attend ECU, NC A&T or WSSU. His favorite quote to live by is ‘Women lie, men lie, numbers don’t.’ The most inspirational person in his life has been his wife, Ashley Kirk.”

The last line in the text, caused fans to be curious about a possible secret marriage no one knew about. However, DaBaby immediately put those reports to bed after making a post on Instagram.

“Shawty was in yearbook club, she got off. That’s my dawg tho. Used to let me drive her car & errrthang.” He later doubled down in a video saying “Y’all stupid ass hoes really think Baby used to be married, in
high school??”

When asked about the status of the two, Meme responded in her interview with Kiss Talk stating, “ We single, but that’s my boo though, regardless.” Seems as though the two still have that soft spot for each other.