According to a recent picture obtained by TMZ, the suspect in the stabbing of NFL player Terrelle Pryor appears to be smiling as she was being booked for attempted murder.

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This past weekend, Shalaya Briston, 24, was arrested for stabbing her boyfriend and football player, 30-year-old Terrelle Pryor.

A female witness told the police in Pittsburgh, PA that Pryor had been the aggressor towards Briston and that the stabbing was strictly in self-defense.


Allegedly, the fight began when Pryor was at their apartment waiting for Briston to return home with friends. The couple wrestled with each other in the kitchen until Briston allegedly grabbed a knife and stabbed Pryor in the chest.

Briston and her friends drove Pryor to the hospital where the 6’4″, two-sport athlete received emergency surgery, which saved his life.

Pryor was charged with assault, but Briston was charged with aggravated assault and attempted murder. At press time, Briston was denied bond and remains in custody in the Allegheny County Jail.