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By: Amira Lawson

In July of this year, A$AP Rocky was arrested on assault charges but fortunately faced no time in Sweden. Following his arrest, celebrities and entertainers boycotted performing in Sweden to challenge Swedish authorities, protesting against Rocky’s alleged, poor living conditions during the time he was detained.

The “Goldie” rapper performed for Sweden fans on Wednesday, December 11th. In an effort to show love and support to his abroad fans, Rocky offered free admission to fans that lived in the hood for his show.


“I’m doing my first concert after being locked up out here. Everybody from the immigrant community out here. None of y’all have to pay to get in my show today.”

In clips on Instagram of the New York rapper’s performance, the crowd and the rap seem to be L-I-T.

“I brought you here today, for love and unity. That’s why I brought you here. Today is people who are fortunate enough to buy tickets to this show. Today, there were people who couldn’t afford it and still made it here. The whole message today, spread love and have f*cking fun tonight, you hear me?” he said to the crowd.