By: Dylan Kemp

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On Friday, Dec 20th, Blueface, and his crew were involved in a brawl at a hookah bar in Los Angeles after a man tried to jack Blueface for his chain. 

Blueface and his crew were at trying to have a good time at Blue Moon Hookah Lounge in Downtown L.A., with Blueface even getting on stage to do a couple of songs when a man tried to grab some jewelry off of his neck. His crew saw what was happening and took it upon themselves to deal with the would-be thief. Even though his crew could have handled the situation, Blueface decided to get his hands dirty too. In the video, Blueface can be seen jumping into the action wearing a Burberry puffer coat. At a certain point, Blueface comes up from the altercation and flashes gang signs to the clubgoers recording the fight. 


Blueface and his crew didn’t appear to start the altercation. However, this isn’t the first time Blueface showed that he’s about that action. During a concert in October in Santa Cruz, California, Blueface saw that some fans were in a heated altercation. Instead of staying on stage, Blueface decided to hop in the crowd and head towards the action. Fortunately, his security guard realized what was happening and pulled him back on the stage.