Whew Chile, “Power” was something else.

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The second half of season 6 began with a huge climax. Dre is finally dead. Andre “Dre” Coleman is played by actor and singer Rotimi. Throughout “Power’s” 6 seasons, Rotimi’s role has grown to play a crucial part in the storyline of the Starz drama series. Dre finesses. He is someone who finds the loophole in every situation possible. At one point, he was James “Ghost” St. Patrick’s protege. He managed the business operations of Ghost’s club, Truth, while remaining true to his dope dealer roots.

In the most recent episode, Dre lands back in prison with two men, 2 Bit and Spanky, that want him dead. Both are former works for Tommy Egan. In an effort to avoid the two men, Dre intentionally starts a fight in the prison cafeteria and gets sent to solitary confinement, a.k.a. the box. He thought he was going to be safe, but this was not the case.


2 Bit and Spanky pay off the correctional office on solitary watch. They fill up the box with gasoline-soaked towels and spray Dre with a bottle of gasoline as well. The light and match and the rest was history for Power’s longest-lasting villain.

Rotimi took to Instagram following the climactic “Power” episode and end to his character. His incredible acting is the reason why viewers hated Dre so much. In his caption, he called his character the most hated TV villain of our generation.

This may spark an interesting debate, but it is conclusive that Dre is one of the best TV villains. Catch “Power” every Sunday on the Starz network or the Starz app.