So many people have been focused on the second season of Surviving R. Kelly that they were not even focused on shamed movie exec Harvey Weinstein’s case.

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Weinstein had been hit two years ago with accusations from over 80 women who have publicly accused him of sexual assault or rape.

According to CNN, if convicted, Weinstein could go away for the rest of his life. The case starts this week in a New York state court and will consist of five felony charges from two of the 80 women.


Reports state the jury selection will start on Tuesday. The Defense is shook. They believe that their client will not be able to get a fair chance and has enlisted a female lawyer, Donna Rotunno, to question potential jurors and other witnesses. The team has noted that it would look like bullying for a man to probe the witnesses about sexual assault.

The judge is no joke. The Honorable James Burke has been on state criminal bench for 19 years and has had a 12-year prosecutor in New York County. He actual has already banned reporters and also the public from the pre-trial hearing that will happen in April. While there is a lot of pressure to convict him from the #MeToo Movement, he is said to be committed to making sure that Weinstein has a right to a fair trial.

CNN reports that the trial may be about three months. Weinstein’s team believes that they will need about two weeks to select a strong jury and eight weeks to try the case before deliberation.