Is Mike Perry just writing checks with his Twitter fingers that his ass can’t cash?

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Last week, UFC fighter Mike Perry made some very disrespectful remarks to martial artist/actor Michael Jai White in response to his VladTV interview and some misunderstood remarks about late MMA fighter Kimbo Slice.

The Blood And Bone actor responded to Perry with candor and civility…


…but the 28-year-old Florida native went past go with his offensive, racist remark.

Perry made no apology after being called out for his bigotry and even invited Black Dynamite to whip his…to an impromptu physical challenge.

Will this ever happen? It’s very doubtful that the 53-year-old White would step down to Perry’s level in a meaningless street fight, but if there’s money on the wood, there’s no doubt it will be all good for White.