Kareem Hunt is counting his blessings as he got a reprieve from an Ohio cop. The Cleveland Browns running back was stopped for speeding in Rocky River, Ohio on Jan. 21.

New video footage shows that Hunt had an open container of vodka in the car and marijuana was found.

However, the conversation between the police officer and Hunt is priceless.

“Man, I’ve been through a lot,” Hunt says. “Officer, I’ve been through a lot.”

“I just — it stresses me out,” Hunt later added. “I lost everything already, sir. I’m just trying to be in my hometown and chill.”

The officer then explained to Hunt that his car smelled like weed. After a search, the cop found pot in a backpack with Hunt’s name on it.

The officer reveals that he is a huge Browns fan and expresses disappointment at Hunt’s decisions.

“You had a good second part of the year,” the officer says. “You don’t want to screw that up over some weed.”

After going back and forth over who the weed belonged to, Hunt admitted that he’d fail an NFL drug test if one were administered to him that day.

“I mean, yes, sir,” Kareem said. “It’s the offseason. Sorry I was having a good time.”

The cop seized the weed, however, Kareem was let off with just a speeding ticket. The NFL gave Hunt an 8-game suspension last March following 2 violent off-field incidents.

He made his 2019 debut on Nov. 10 against the Buffalo Bills.