An Amazon delivery driver in Los Angeles has been fired after being caught on videotape, spitting on a customer’s package.

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In the video, that was posted to social media you can see the delivery driver spitting in his hand then smearing it on the package.

In a statement to FOX LA, the customers said they went to retrieve the package and noticed it was wet, at first they thought a dog had urinated on it so they decided to look at their ring camera video and were horrified by what they saw. The residents quickly decontaminated themselves and called police and Amazon


Amazon responded by saying that they are taking this very seriously,  “We are aggressively investigating to understand what may have occurred in this situation. If it truly was a malicious act by the driver, we will be sure he is held accountable, up through and including law enforcement action.”

The customers also added that they don’t know if the driver did it on purpose but it is “reckless” behavior, especially while we are in the midst of COVID-19.