Many in the Hip-Hop community were worried about the well-being of DJ Jazzy Jeff as they heard he was suffering from coronavirus. In his first interview since recovery from the virus, Jeff told talk show host Tamron Hall about his battle.

The world-famous DJ stated he begin to fill ill after an Idaho skiing trip and the conditions hit him while in a store.

“When my wife and I were at the store, I looked at her and told her I didn’t feel well. And she was asking what was wrong, and I said ‘I feel a little achy, like I’m coming down with something,’” Jeff said.

From there the symptoms would escalate, however, he was unable to get the proper testing.

“I literally went home and got into bed and almost don’t remember the next 11 days after that…When we finally were able to go to the doctor, they wouldn’t test me for COVID-19, they gave me a flu test and then gave me an x-ray on my lungs and said I had pneumonia in both of my lungs, which terrified me to death,” he added.

You can see the full interview below. 

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