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On March 13th, three plainclothes officers broke down the door in Breonna Taylor’s Kentucky home in an attempted drug sting. Moments later her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, who is a registered gun owner, exchanged gunfire with the cops and Taylor eight times. The 26-year-old emergency medical technician was pronounced dead at the scene.

A lot has happened since that day, and Taylor’s life and death have become folded into the larger outcry which is now worldwide against police violence that exploded after the death of George Floyd in late May. Described as “full of life” and “a best friend to so many,” the young black EMT that is admired by others worry she may be forgotten about.

In Honor of Breonna’s birthday on Friday, June 5th, writer and culture critic Gate Young (@BattyMamzelle) created an official link where you can find ways to celebrate her life and ensure proper legal action is taken for her case.

Taylor’s aunt Bianca created a GoFundMe campaign for Taylor’s mom and sister, which allows the public to contribute to them financially during this hardship. No contribution is too big or too small.


Using the hashtag #SayHerName and #BirthdayforBreonna on social media, you can find more actions to take to raise more attention to the cause in hopes that justice will be served.

Here are some other resources to support Breonna:



Petition for Breonna Taylor

Letter to the Louisville Metro Police Department