Calls for the arrest of the officers who killed Breonna Taylor have only grown louder since the 26-year-old was shot in her home in Lexington, Kentucky. It’s been three months since Taylor was killed and law enforcement in the state has not brought any charges against the offenders.

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Activists across social media and in the streets have called for the officers’ arrest and now the family of the victim plan to hit the streets to protest with the people. The protest is scheduled for June 25th at the Frankfort, Kentucky State Capitol Building.

According to the Until Freedom Instagram page, Taylor’s mother and sister will be in attendance along with the attorneys representing the family Lonita Baker and Benjamin Crump. Grammy-nominated rapper Rapsody reposted the flyer for the protest with plans to attend the event as well.


Taylor’s police-involved shooting has become one of the prominent examples of police brutality in 2020 along with the death of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Rayshard Brooks. Taylor is the only victim of the aforementioned who has not seen charges brought against the offending officers.

The only charges that were brought up, in that case, were against Taylor’s boyfriend who allegedly and lawfully shot back at police after they attempted a no-knock warrant. Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker was charged with attempted murder but the charges are expected to be dropped.

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