Black Lives Matter

60-Year-Old Black Trump Supporter Killed Execution-Style in Milwaukee

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Several reports have confirmed that a 60-year-old Black man who was known in his community for his support of President Trump was shot and killed execution-style in front of his publishing company on July 23 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. According to authorities, Bernard Trammell was sitting on the sidewalk of his store when an unknown shooter […]

[WATCH] Bodycam Footage Released Of George Floyd’s Entire Arrest

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Exclusively from UK’s The Daily Mail, footage from a police bodycam has been released, which shows George Floyd’s entire arrest. The leaked tapes show 46-year-old Floyd pleading with the cops not to shoot him, while they ignored him and shouted profanities at him. The footage, from the bodycams of former officers Alex Kueng and Officer […]

[WATCH] NYC Protester Taken Away in Unmarked Vehicle By NYPD

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As protests continue around the country in an attempt to bring attention to the police brutality and additional issues in America, the NYPD has been reportedly using tactics to slow the momentum of the demonstrations, but their strategies are teetering on its legality. What some are labeling as kidnapping, police officers in NYC have been […]

Protestor Killed at Black Lives Matter Event in Austin, TX

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A Black Lives Matter movement turned deadly in Austin, Texas after a suspect started shooting at the scene. CNN reports officers were present at the scene in solidarity with the protestors and gunshots rang out. One man was shot and died at a local hospital. The suspect was said to have driven into the crowd […]

St. Louis Couple Charged for Pulling Guns On #BlackLivesMatter Protesters

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According to several confirmed reports, St. Louis attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey are charged with felony unlawful use of a weapon counts on Monday for aiming their guns at Black Lives Matter protesters June 28 in front of their St. Louis mansion.  “It is illegal to wave weapons in a threatening manner at those participating […]

Asheville, North Carolina Signs Reparations Initiative For Black Residents

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A city in North Carolina is taking the lead on the long debated reparations for African-Americans. Asheville signed into a law a “Reparations Initiative” that will fund Black homeownership, black businesses and career opportunities according to the New York Times. The initiative details 9 specific initiatives that the city seeks to honor it’s Black residents […]