During a Tweetstorm on Sunday, Vince Staples promoted the idea of having his own podcast. The Long Beach native put the idea out there but said he would need Joe Rogan level money to follow through with it.

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“I need a podcast cause too much crazy shit happens to me yall wouldn’t [believe] it,” Vince said on Twitter. The “Bagbak” rapper seeks a podcasting platform to be able to tell his stories and make some money doing it as opposed to giving his material to Twitter for free.

Prior to this tweet, Vince told the story of a man in Los Angeles County who claimed to be the rapper’s father looking for clout. Vince also thanked his real father on Father’s Day and thanked whoever sold him crack because it gave Vince “innovation.”


The “Joe Rogan” money that Vince is seeking for a podcast would be worth a reported $100 million. Rogan signed the exclusive streaming deal with Spotify in May and will let the streaming service host all of his content exclusively starting in September.

Podcasting has become big especially in the hip-hop realm where several rappers have gotten started with their own pod. The Joe Budden Podcast has seen tons of success and actually inked a deal with Spotify before Joe Rogan.