Another day…another carefree remark from 50 Cent on his social media. Recently, Hollywood actress Halle Berry broke the news that she has accepted a role, to portray a transgender man in an upcoming film.

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After Berry announced the news, she was met with a lot of backlash over her misuse of pronouns. Fans also felt that the Academy Award-winning actress would be taking away the opportunity for an actual transgender man to play the role.

Following the backlash, Berry decided to back out of the role, intending for a member of the LGBTQ community to take on the role.


While most of the crowd seems to be at ease with Berry’s decision, Fifty heard of the news and went to share his thoughts….as usual. “You wanted to do what ? why?,” he wrote under a headline explaining Berry’s decision to drop the role. “Oh my God, so if I still think your beautiful. I’m gay ass a MF. No. Next Idea LOL.”

Fifty’s unfiltered comments are nothing new to his followers as the rapper has previously put his two cents in a similar situation regarding former G-Unit member, Young Buck for allegedly dating a transgender woman.

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