With more than 11 million confirmed cases worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic affected many communities. Lost jobs, closed economies, social distancing, and suspended public transportation definitely made our everyday lives difficult. 

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This is where Tykeem “Tak” Williams (Instagram: @takdcr) comes in. A proud Philly native, Tykeem Williams is the CEO of Barcellini and FreeXchange, a clothing line and a music production company respectively. 

With his humble beginnings, Tak knows how living in poverty feels like. That’s why he can truly relate to people who are having such a hard time during the pandemic.


Armed with his commitment to help and provide service to the people, Tak co-founded an E-scooter company called Verve Scooter or VerveS, along with serial entrepreneur, Kevin Thompson. 

Verve Scooters is an innovative electric scooter ridesharing company. The VerveS app is available on both Google Play and App Store. Users can track miles, time, and battery life through the app. 

Being the latest trend in the micro mobility industry, the minimalist e-scooter offers an environment-friendly alternative to riders used to Lyft or Uber. Given the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic, VerveS offers an effective social distancing method of transportation. 

VerveS helps people earn money amidst the pandemic as well. Known as chargers, people with e-scooters who lend, pick up, and charge their scooters will get paid right away. 

Thanks to Tykeem “Tak” Williams, struggling people can now stop worrying about their finances. Loving fathers like Tak, can now provide for their families. Entrepreneurs can now venture into the booming micro mobility industry. People can now go to work without worrying about getting the coronavirus. 

As Tak said, “‘Keep hustling― fail as many times as you need to. You only got to be right once.” In this case, Tak couldn’t be more right about founding VerveS. 

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