Clippers shooting guard Lou Williams is currently being investigated by the NBA about his actions and whereabouts while on his excused absence. This comes after rapper Jack Harlow posted a picture of the two of them in Magic City on Thursday night and tagged Williams in the picture. The investigation will determine how long Lou will have to be re-quarantined.

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Jack Harlow originally said that it was an old picture of him and Williams, however, Williams confirmed that he did go to Magic City while on his excused absence.

Following NBA protocol, Lou was tested every day he was away from the bubble. Players are subject to a four-day minimum quarantine when they are away for excused absences. However, because Williams was at the club while on his absence, the quarantine can be extended to up to 10 days if the leagues outside the infectious disease specialist recommend it.


Williams seemed to confirm that he went to the club and even joked about it on Twitter Saturday night.