If you were tuned into Nickelodeon as a kid, then you are familiar with American singer, JoJo. She stole the hearts of most, with her song titled, “Leave (Get Out)” that was nominated for various awards including a VMA award for Best New Artist.

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Now the singer is making a huge return after releasing the deluxe to her most recent album, “Good To Know.”

Recently, the singer sat down with The Kelly Clarkson Show to discuss her take on cancel culture. When asked about her single, “Joanna,” a song that released in October of 2019, that’s title after the singer’s first name, JoJo releveled the inspiration that cancel culture had on the single.


“It’s just like, fans or just people online sometimes refer to me as Joanna. People think they know you. People think that they can draw conclusions and [the song] is less about the media and more about the Cancel Culture that’s so prevalent right now,” she began.

“Especially on social media. We’re just so quick to write people off,” she added.

“People need to be held accountable for heinous things. Some people, I understand why there’s this quickness to [want to cancel them], but when it comes to saying someone’s peaked or they’re done, their career is over because you haven’t seen them in a few months or a few years, that’s just so ridiculous to me,” she stated.

 “So, that’s kinda what the song is about. Everybody’s just one moment away from redemption or evolution… You can’t write anybody off and I’m lowkey a prime example of that,” JoJo concluded.

As apart of her comeback album, JoJo had singer, Tory Lanez as a feature on her song titled, “ComeBack” which she stated she has removed the singer from the deluxe version of her album following his recent shooting of Megan Thee Stallion. Jojo explains that she felt “It was the right and necessary thing to do.”

How do you feel about cancel culture?

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