Southside and Yung Miami have officially called it quits, but if you were expecting a nasty back and forth between the two on social media, then you can cut the wait short! The producer went on his social media to let everyone know that the ex-couple still stands on good terms despite their decision to remain single.

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“I ain’t mad about none of that sh*t. I’m a hunnid. I ain’t finna get on here and do all that,” said the producer. “Things took a turn where I went my way, she went her way. I wish her the best,” he mentioned before shouting out the rap duo’s most recent album.

The rumors of the split begin speculating after a video was seen on social media of the City Girl rapper making a toast to being single. Although some fans were concerned about the status of the two, Southside reassures fans that the two are still cool. “Kill it. Can that man. We ain’t on that,” he said to the individuals that are trying to stir the pot. “I ain’t on that at all.”


Whelp! Let’s see how long the two are separated this time. Congrats on their new journey into singleville.