50 Cent typically voices his opinion on many pop culture and entertainment topics. Whether it’s warranted or not, you can count on Fif to let you know his frame of mind. Earlier Wednesday, he took to Instagram to give his insight on Cardi B’s accidental nude link from the previous day. While 50 laughs off the situation, he shows support by showing another post from Bardi displaying her collection of Birkin Bags.

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“I know i’m late, i be missing shit. She was lit. man it was her birthday. moving right along, pick a color now this a make a bitch want to show a titty. LOL”

The leak sent social media into a frenzy and warranted comments from everyone on Twitter. The leak even started the #BoobsOutForCardi movement on Twitter. The “WAP” artist appreciated the support following a number of jokes and ridicule. While she responded with little to no care due to her past as a dancer, body positivity is essential and should be promoted.