You better enjoy Lil Uzi Vert while you have him because the rap star says his career is soon over. Fresh off the release of his Pluto x Baby Pluto release with Future, Uzi is looking to call it a career after two more albums.

The collab album is the second of the year for him following the massive success of his solo Eternal Atake album. That does not stop him from looking at his future.

“I’m dropping 2 more albums then I’m out,” Uzi said in a tweet and delete.

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Does he mean solo albums? That is yet to be seen as he has already teased a sequel with Future.

“Crazy thing is me and @1future about 2 drop again,” Uzi tweeted. “The first one was strictly for the Skreeeetz…… The second one is for the BIGGEST SPEAKERS YOU OWN I’m telling you. Mark my words @1future.

Excited for what is on the way or scared that it could be the end?