We’re in the middle of a whole pandemic but some wicked people are going out of their way to still spread hate. Laverne Cox shared that she was a victim of a transphobic attack against her and her friends in Los Angeles.

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Cox detailed the triggering incident on Instagram Live over the weekend. The model and actress said she was taking a socially distanced walk with an anonymous friend when a man aggressively approached them asking for the time in Griffith Park.

“The guy who asked for the time says to my friend, ‘Guy or girl?’ My friend says, ‘F– off.’ I’m walking — I’m hearing all this happening in a split second — and then all of a sudden, the guy is attacking my friend,” the 48-year-old said.


The perpetrator was gone as soon as Cox decided to take her phone out to call 911, so she decided against it.

The STAR actor mentioned that maybe she should’ve recorded the attack but it happened so quickly she didn’t have time. “I’m safe, my friend is fine,” Lavern Cox said, noting she’s feeling “lucky and grateful.”