Trouble is willing to jump through hoops and hurdles to get another Drake feature.

Throughout his legendary decade-plus career, the Champagne Papi stimulus package has helped launched a number of artists’ careers to a larger audience. From Migos, Lil Baby, Summer Walker to Blocboy JB–many upstarts have immensely benefited from The Boy’s presence on a track.

On Tuesday (Dec. 2), comedian and artist Lil Duval took to his Twitter to pose a question that received over 3k results. “Would you let drake f**k your wife for a feature?” asked Duval. Surprisingly, almost 31% agreed with the question.


While it was a surprise that one would admit that, ATL rapper Trouble had no problem being honest. After Duval’s tweet was re-posted by SayCheese TV, Trouble took to the comments.

“Why not? They gon fu** em for free anyway if he slide in her DM,” responded Trouble . “Yall soft azz n***az dont reply to me eitha. You’ll neva undastand ah street n***a mental #OnLord.”

It looks like Trouble is extremely adamant about getting another potential Drake feature. The two collaborated on Trouble’s 2018 track “Bring It Back.” Either he is speaking from personal experience or is giving advice to other artist. Whether or not, there are almost one thousand people that agree to such behavior. Respectfully.