Fresh off making a splash at the Legends Boxing Match with his entertaining sports commentary, rap music legend and entrepreneur, Snoop Dogg, sat down with Julissa to discuss the state of hip hop, addressing violence in hip hop, and the impact of Cardi B’s monster hit, “WAP” featuring Megan The Stallion.

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Snoop was in his prime when Lil Kim’s Hardcore album opened the doors for the female artists that we hear today. But the 49-year-old’s perspective on feminism in Hip Hop doesn’t come as a surprise.

During a virtual interview with Julissa the West Coast legend advised the female rappers to “slow down. Let’s have some imagination. Some privacy, some intimacy. Where he wants to find out instead of you telling him.”


He added, “To me, it’s too fashionable. Secrecy should be a woman’s pride and possession … That’s what you should hold on to and nobody should know about it until they know about it.”

Snoop Dogg acknowledged that his daughter is from this generation and “might be doing the WAP but I can’t be mad at her because it’s her generation.”

But as an OG, he admitted that he loves that women are expressing themselves but doesn’t want the vulgar to music to make too much of an impression on young girls.

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