50 Cent hurtfully said that he’s trying to leave G-Unit behind him, and the way things have been going lately, the other members probably feel the same.

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Young Buck and 50 have been going back and forth on social media for years, and apparently, the former G-Unit rapper says the issues stem from Fifty cashing in the Vitamin Deal for himself.

“The Vitamin Water situation is one I remember coming through the pipelines and I remember me also coming to 50 saying ‘Aye, yo. What about this?'” Buck says. “He would pay attention to ’em. But if there wasn’t no upfront money involved in the deals, then he wouldn’t encourage us to do the deals,” he added.


Buck went on to explain that he thought the deal could’ve been beneficial for the entire group but since there was no money involved, 50 took all the risks and rewards.

50 earned about $60-100 million from his deal with the sports drink brand and they sold for $4.1 billion in 2007, thanks to its close-knit connection with one of Hip Hop’s biggest influencers at the time.

“He took the deal for him,” Buck continued. “Whatever percentage he got out of that deal turned into what he was able to walk away from. Was there any resentment or upsetness from me? No. But, I did feel like this was no different from some of those other situations that have been brought to 50 from me—or even the other guys had other situations, where he just wasn’t entertaining it if there wasn’t any upfront money for us.”

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