On this date in 2009, Byron McCane II aka Bizzy Bone was finessed by two women while in Los Angeles, who managed to get one-fourth of the award-winning group Bone Thugs N Harmony into room 1165 of the Universal City Hilton Hotel, where he was relieved of $35K worth of jewelry, reportedly by the Grape Street Crips out of Watts.

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Reputed Crip members Marlo “Bow Wow” Jones and Ricky “Little BK” Pearson posed in pics on social media wearing Bizzy’s jewels, which ultimately got them jammed up. Jones received 12 years in prison while Pearson received 19 years behind bars.

Wack 100 referenced this incident when he accused Bone of snitching during BTNH’s beef with Migos, but no paperwork to substantiate those claims ever materialized.


Get the inside scoop of what happened to Bizzy that night in L.A. in 2009 below.