D’Gunna and Twisty are making rounds with their infectious music, all-around grind, and tenacity. As D’Gunna captivates you with his melodious frequencies fused with his art of storytelling, Twisty counteracts with his intoxicating wordplay blended with a cadence only he can deliver.

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Hailing from Worcester, Massachusetts both gentlemen have been making a name for themselves driven by the release of their latest projects, D’ Gunna’s “ Rebrand” which is not only a reflection of the current business revamp but is also an introduction to D’Gunna new sound. Teaming up with his longtime friend and artist,  Twisty only made sense once he released “Til Death Do Us Part,” Twisty’s first album. 

Both artists premiered on key Instagram Live interviews this past week debuting their new music to the world at the Black Excellence Mass event thrown by SparksInk PR. Which positioned them to perform for Allstar Weekend in Atlanta with the Coalitions DJ’s set to take place this weekend. 


You can follow D’Gunna on Instagram @DGunna372 and Twisty @Twistyx2 for more updates on where you can find them next.

Check out Till Death Do Us Part here