Until his passing, DMX was not even mentioned in Top 5 DOA conversations, but fans and critics who were late to give the X his flowers while he was living have been feeling DMX’s impact in the game, even in his absence. Drag-On, a Ruff Ryders artist who was viewed as a “mini-DMX”, spoke emotionally and candidly about who he looked as his big brother.

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Drag-On, who also worked with X on movies such as the Steven Seagal powered Exit Wounds, reflected on his relationship with DMX, who he says he was closer to than anyone else in the Ruff Ryders camp.

Drag-On tearfully added, “I will forever be your little brother … and I wish you didn’t leave me bro ,, cause now I’m really down here by my self in this industry,, I don’t have any brothers or sisters so you was my only brother.”