Every now and then, a rapper in the industry will get a taste of Twitter fingers to get some things off of their chest. It looks as if the Twitter fingers were most recently passed to Young Dolph as the rapper shared a few of his thoughts on how other rappers maneuver in the industry.

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“Y’all rappers must be competing with each other on who can be the lamest. sh*t sad,” Dolph began. “Nixxas love callin females groupies, but be the main ones goin from click to click tryna fit in. So who the real hoe? “

Nixxas want validation from these social media apps so bad that it cost em they life,” he continued. “ALL YALL NIXXAS CHASIN CLOUT & CHASIN THESE DUCK ASS B*TCHES THATS FUKIN EVERYBODY. SuperLames.”


Some fans seemed to believe that the rapper could possibly be throwing shots at Moneybagg Yo following a rant that Moneybagg has made on his social media.

“It’s f*cked up det n*ggas who got yo number will rather get on social media making captions and tweets wen they in they feelings instead of speaking up like men,” Bagg wrote on his Instagram story. “Sh*t really be sad bra smh.”

“It’s Really F*CK U N*GGAS I KNO U ACTING LIKE U WIT ME,” the rapper continued.

Could fans be wrong in assuming potential beef between the two?